If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"These orthodontists are phenomenal!!!! The staff are very friendly and sweet! Definitely the best place to get your braces!"  - Jannett

"The Jackson Heights Orthodontics team is one of the friendliest and nicest out in Queens. Very up-to date with technology. Came here for over almost 4 years. Would strongly recommend it here for anyone needing braces."  - Jeffrey

"One word to describe this place.. AMAZING!!! Whoever thought you could want to go to the orthodontist?! The staff is great; you walk in and the first thing you see is beautiful welcoming smiles, then the doctor and assistants take care of you as if you were in a spa. Very modern with huge plasma screens everywhere and just a great environment to be in. The service is great, the staff is great and your teeth come out perfect! If you haven't gone to Jackson Heights Orthodontics yet, Go! You don't know what your missing!"  - Flaco

"I absolutely love this place! The staff is nice and friendly. The doctors are amazing and very down to earth. They are always there to answer all your questions. If you are a first time patient and are paying cash for the services (like me) you will fill out a form and sign a few papers. Braces will be placed the same day.  They have Saturday hours but check their schedule because its every other Saturday and limited hours."  - Emelissa

"I recommend this office the staff here is amazing and the doctors are the same!"  - Matthew

"I am deeply satisfied with the service this office provides. The staff is awesome and well trained. The doctors are really sweet and professional.
I highly recommend this place."  - Johnny

"I'm currently a patient at Jackson Heights Orthodontics. My experience so far is great! The doctors are good and always answer all my questions and concerns. The dental assistants are very gentle & careful! The staff in general are very friendly! The front desk always try's to accommodate me in my schedule! Definitely recommend this place!"  - Jairo

"I must say this place is outstanding! I know it sounds a bit dramatic but its the truth. The staff is very loving and attentive. I've always hated going to the dentist but when I come here, it's the complete opposite. I actually look forward to coming..I highly recommend to leave wherever you go and come here. This is where you belong"  - Miosotis

"This office is absolutely fantastic....staff and doctors actually care for their patients; unlike other offices I have been. At first, I was tormented by the idea of getting braces because all my friends said braces hurt. However, when I got my braces put on at Jackson Heights Orthodontics, the braces were painless and comfortable. I was actually amazed by the outcome of my treatment. Overall, by far, I consider Jackson Heights Orthodontics to be one of the most professional and caring office in New York City."  - John

"Jackson Heights Orthodontic is a great place to get braces.The Doctors are great and the staff are very friendly and helpful."  - Jose

"Jackson Heights Orthodontics is an awesome orthodontic office because the office looks nice, the staff members at the front desk are very friendly,  and also everyone is so nice. The orthodontic assistants are super cool too because they treat the patients right and also care about them!!!! The doctors are amazing!!!! Dr. Steve is a nice doctor with an excellent personality and I like the way he cares about his patients and about their treatments. Also, Dr. Newman is a cool doctor too because he also has a nice personality and cares about patients too!!!! I love this orthodontic office!"  - Adriana

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